What superpower would you most like

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Most Common Super Power

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What Superpower Would You Have?

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Have you ever wondered what character from Disney is most relatable to you? I sure have. And I bet you want to know, too. Take this quiz and you will find out the answer as to which Disney character that you are most similar to! Canada has joined the top ranks of the world's best education system - and its secret weapon has been fairness.

So what are you waiting for? Get these superpower and beat anyone in quiz competition, exams, and puzzles and show how intelligent you are.

2) Superhuman speed. If you possess this power, I know you would never like to sit at one place.

How Canada became an education superpower

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Subverted in Tiger & skayra.com Rose looks like she matches this trope at first, but then you look at her costume notes and realize that her sponsors make her pad out her costume. After all, you can't market your superhero as a sexy dominatrix with just a B-cup, now can you?

Top 15 Superpowers you Wish you had

In Akahori Gedou Hour Lovege, Kaoruko naturally fits this trope, but her partner Aimi doesn't.

What superpower would you most like
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