What makes you wait for the

What To Do When Someone Makes You Wait

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When God Makes You Wait

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What to Do When God Makes You Wait

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What to Do When God Makes You Wait

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Tell them it was not OK to let you do and please not do so highly without any warning. When God Makes You Wait, it can seem like an eternity. Every passing moment brings more doubt and less faith. Most people don’t like to wait. We often get frustrated when we have to wait in line at the grocery store or when we’re held up behind a slow car in the fast lane.

This hurriedness often works. In this book you’ll discover why God makes you wait, and how to make the best of your moments in the waiting place.

You’ll learn what His plan is and how He intends to use it /5(). Note: If you want to print this post or read it offline, the PDF is probably the way to go. You can buy it here. But when you stop and actually think about it for a minute—about what “me” really boils down to at its core—things start to get pretty weird.

Let’s give it a try. So what. There are times in the Christian’s life where we wait upon God, where we wait for relief from some kind of afflication, and where we wait for a long time for God to answer prayer.

I am certain that you have experienced times like these, and know that the temptation in such times is to despair and. to make an unpleasant feeling last longer, especially by making someone wait keep someone waiting to make someone stay in one place or do nothing until you are ready to see or talk to them.

What makes you wait for the
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Why God Makes You Wait - Tim Challies