Standing waves on a string lab report

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In Part A use different hanging masses to change the tension of a string but keep the length and frequency constant. 1 of 6 Standing Waves on a String Summer Stanford Physics Dept. P28 Lab 6 Gregory S. Romine Standing Waves on a String If a string is tied between two fixed supports, pulled tightly and sharply plucked at one end, a pulse will travel from one end of the string to the other.

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length, number of segments, and frequency for standing waves on the string. In Part A use different hanging masses to change the tension of a string but keep the length and frequency constant.

Click here for Experiment 2 - Standing Waves. ‹ Experiment 1 - Driven Harmonic Oscillator up Experiment 3 - Electrostatics ›.

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Standing waves on a string lab report
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