Preparation of antifebrin coursework

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Synthesis of acetic anhydride

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Extraction and Evaporation:

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There is a trend for synthetics to replace natural compounds in Prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) Pharmaceuticals. Today, ephedrine, salicylates, vitamins, and xanthines are mostly synthetic and steroids are often semisynthetic. Synthesis of Acetanilide Lab January 27, Corey Spriggs INTRODUCTION Acetanilide, formerly a medication known as Antifebrin, is a substance that, when broken down by the body, can produce analgesic and antipyretic effects%(13).

Preparation of Acetanilide Abstract Recrystallization is a common method of purifying organic substances through the difference in solubility at different temperature. In this experiment, acetanilide was produced by acetylation of aniline with acetic anhydride.

The crude acetanilide was dissolved in a solvent in a heating water bath. Recrystallization of Acetanilide (Organic Chemistry) - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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The extraction and purification of paracetamol This procedure extracted paracetamol from the tablets by crystallisation. The paracetamol tablets were crushed and dissolved in propanone at a raised temperature; this decreased the time required for .

Preparation of antifebrin coursework
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